EB-5 Support for Immigration Attorneys

A former Top 25 EB-5 Attorney offering practice tools and training for lawyers

How We Help Attorneys

We take the process of project selection off your hands and work directly with your investors on reviewing various project options. This way you can focus on the source of funds work and preparing their petitions!

You receive access to attorney portal and can utilize the practice tools available there.

A Message from Irina A. Rostova

I practiced immigration law for ten years with a focus on EB-5 investor visas. I assisted approximately 700 investors and received numerous industry awards.

In 2020 I became a FINRA licensed broker in order to assist EB-5 investors with the process of project selection.

I retired from the practice of law and created a library of EB-5 practice tools for immigration attorneys, based on my 10-year legal experience.

Attorneys can use these tools to improve their knowledge in preparation of EB-5 petitions as well as benefit from the time-saving techniques and quality control procedures.

The information is available through an attorney portal and is fee to its users.

I also provide additional informational support to attorneys whose clients are utilizing my brokerage services.

I hope you benefit from these tools and are able to serve your EB-5 clients better!

Irina A. Rostova

Investment Broker Services

We work directly with your clients assisting them in the process of selecting an EB-5 project.

As a FINRA registered broker/dealer, we perform our own due diligence on every project before we present it to investors.

Clients receive multiple options of Regional Center projects to choose from.


What's in the Attorney Portal


Explanation of various origins of lawful sources of funds and the types of documents that can be collected as supporting evidence.


I-526 Templates
Project Documents
Lawful Source of Funds Narratives
Lawful Source Support Documents

Client Resources

Templates of brochures that can be given to clients, outlining in detail the timeline and the steps of the EB-5 program.

Pre-consultation informational video.